Logo Design Process

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  • Proposal Phase

    Our first phase, for which we don't charge, seeks to determine the vision of your project and give you what sort of budget might be required to meet your needs.

  • Focus Phase

    We call it the "focus phase" because we come to really understand your business. We often will create a list of criteria for supporting the evolution of the logo design based upon your design brief including what we learn about you and the target market.

  • Concept Phase

    During this phase we create the initial concept designs for your logo and deliver them to you.

  • Review Phase

    During this phase we review the concepts provided with the client taking all positive and negative feedback in order to improve the concepts provided.

  • Repeat Phase

    We Repeat the process of the Review Phase and improving the logo designs provided until the custommer is fully satisfied with the final design.

  • Approval Phase

    The final phase of the project, where we recieve approval from the client to end the design process. We then provide the chosen logo design in all required files and formats including ownership to the client to conclude the design process.

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